Passport Size Photo Kaise Banaye 2023 How to make passport size photo

How to make Passport Size Photo: Friends, everyone needs passport size photo somewhere. Whether it is to open a bank account or to fill any online or offline form, to make a voter ID card, to make a passport, to make a PAN card, to get a new gas connection or to get a new electricity connection or other If we want to do any important work, we need passport size photo.

How to make passport size photo

In such a situation, we have to go to a photographer or photo studio or internet cafe to get photographs taken. But today we will know in this post that how to make passport size photo sitting at home, that too very easily from your mobile, let us know that- How To Make Passport Size Photo in Hindi?

Today we will learn to make passport size photo by two methods. At the end we will also show you a video ⇓
1st method – with the help of Adobe Photoshop in computer
2nd method – through mobile app in your mobile

How to take photo correctly to make passport size  photo 

Before making a photo of any size, it is necessary to capture the photo properly from camera or mobile, if the photo is not captured properly, its beauty gets spoiled, so we first know how to capture the photo correctly-

  • To make a passport size photo, first of all you have to take a good photo of yourself.
  • To take a photo, you can take a good photo with a camera or if you do not have a camera, you can also take a good photo with your mobile phone.
  • First of all, take a curtain of blue or red color or whatever color you like and hang it somewhere at the right place so that the background of your photo becomes better in one color. Then stand in front of it and take a good photo with the help of someone.
  • While taking photographs, note that the distance between the camera and you should not be more than one and a half to 2 meters. So that the quality of your photo will be good. And the photo will come out very clean.
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Things to keep in mind while making passport size photo in  computer 

  • Before taking the photo, put a curtain behind you as per requirement or of your favorite colour.
  • You must be at least two meters away from the camera while taking photographs.
  • If you are making a photo for any important or office work, then especially keep in mind that there should not be a cap on your head.
  • If you wear glasses then your glasses should be white transparent. There should not be black, red or any other colored spectacles in the eyes.
  • While taking the photo, both your shoulders and both your ears should be clearly visible.
  • While taking a passport size photograph, your gaze should not be slanting down or too high, your gaze should remain straight towards the camera.
  • You should be standing or sitting normally while taking the photo.
  • You must have a little smile on your face while taking the photo. Photograph should not be taken with a sad face. Because your photo will come out very good with a smile. You should always keep smiling not only in photos but also in real life.

How to make passport size photo in photoshop. How to make passport size photo

Creating a passport size photo in Photoshop is very easy. For this follow the simple steps mentioned below. So now we first know how to make passport size photo in computer. Step by Step-

  • To create a photo, first of all you should have Adobe photoshop software in your computer, with the help of which we will create passport size photo in our computer.
  • If you do not have Adobe Photoshop on your computer, then first of all download and install this software on your computer.
  • Now you open adb photoshop software then click on File option in the top menu bar and then click on Open and select your photo. Or you can also open your photo by pressing the ctrl + O button from your computer’s keyboard.
  • Now your computer’s gallery will open in front of you, go to the place where you have saved the photo and open it by clicking on the photo.
  • Now select the Crop Tool from the built-in tool bar in Photoshop.
  • Now we will set its size for passport size photo. Before this, it is necessary to know that how to set the size for Passport Size Photo and what is the size of passport photo? We have explained this below in the next step with pictures. So let’s know about the size of passport photo-

passport size photo size in centimeter  passport size photo kaise banaye

The size of the passport photo in centimeters is 3.5 cm × 4.5 cm. In the Crop Size box, fill 3.5 cm in the Width part and 4.5 cm in the Height part, then fill 300 pixels in the Pixel box and press the Enter button.

Passport size photo size in inches 

The size of passport size photo in India is 1.37inch×1.77inch in inches. While making Passport Size Photo, if you are taking the size of the photo in inches, then you should use (1.37×1.77) inch size.


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