Now the customer of any bank will be able to run SBI Yono App – SBI Yono for Every Indian

SBI Yono App New Update:- The country’s largest bank State Bank of India has started a great facility for its customers with its SBI Yono App New Update. Now if you are SBI customer then you can easily transact or withdraw money from any ATM machine without card. 

The announcement was made on Sunday along with the launch of Inter-Operable Cardless Cash Withdrawal. With this new service, SBI customers can easily withdraw money from bank ATMs even without a card. This is an important step to enhance the convenience of banking for SBI customers.

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SBI Yono App New Update

Apart from cardless cash withdrawal facility, SBI has revamped its digital banking app YONO to meet the growing needs of its customers. In SBI Yono App New Update, customers of other banks can now use it for UPI transactions. 

This means that now users of any bank can avail UPI facilities through SBI’s YONO app.

SBI Yono App New Update Key Highlights

Friends will see the following changes in SBI Yono App New Update.

  1. SBI Yono App New Update will provide an improved user interface making it easier for users to navigate through the app and access various features.
  2. With the SBI Yono App New Update, SBI Yono App has started offering more measures to protect user data and transactions.
  3. SBI Yono App New Update allows users to check their account balance instantly without having to log in every time.
  4. The new update offers a sleek dashboard that displays account details, recent transactions and offers.
  5. Fund transfer has become even easier with SBI Yono App New Update. You can now easily send money to people or transfer to other bank accounts using NEFT, RTGS or IMPS services.
  6. You can easily make your utility bills, credit card bills and other payments directly from the app.

YONO For Every Indian

State Bank of India has implemented these changes on the occasion of its 68th Bank Day celebration. The bank has changed the name of its YONO app to YONO For Every Indian. 

This renaming has been done to make the YONO app beneficial for all customers. Now customers of any bank can scan and pay directly from the app using YONO. Apart from this, they can easily enjoy all types of UPI facilities through YONO app .

SBI Yono for Every Indian

State Bank of India (SBI) Chairman Dinesh Khara expressed the bank’s commitment to provide modern and digital banking solutions to its customers. He emphasized on the convenience that YONO app brings to each and every individual. The updated YONO app provides a smoother banking experience.

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SBI’s YONO app has got a significant update which brings in several new features to improve the banking experience for its customers. 

In this article, we have explained in detail about SBI Yono App New Update . If you like this information then please share it.

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