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Driving License :Driving license is a very challenging undertaking in our country. Especially those individuals are critical to making it work. In view of this problem of the public, the public authority has made new principles. As per the new norms, you will not have to make frequent visits to the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Also you don’t have to stand in long queue at RTO office or you don’t have to give driving test. In general, you have made a lot of changes in the norms of RTO. If you are also a resident of Rajasthan and want to know how to get your driving license , then you have come to the right place, now we will get you a driving license sitting at home, I am going to tell you how to get a driving license. The complete process is being explained, so read this article till the end.

No driving test required

Let us tell you that according to the newly changed rules, currently you do not need to give a driving test in the RTO office to get a driving permit. These standards have now been implemented by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Those who are just sitting tight for the driving test . This will help them a lot. Driving License

go to driving school and get ready there

The data provided by the service states that now you need to go to the driving school instead of the RTO office to get the driving permit. You can enroll yourself for the permit by visiting any of the designated driving schools. Apart from this, you can also prepare from the driving school and from there you can take the testament of preparation. With this you will not have to go through the driving test at the auto office . Your declaration form will be sent after placing it in the permit papers. In this way you will get the driving permit. Driving License Online,Driving License Online,Driving License Online

these are the new principles

The approved organization should guarantee that the learning centers have something similar to a piece of land. Apart from this, the mentor of the organization should be 12th pass and should have at least five years of driving experience. He should be very familiar with the traffic rules. The service has created an educational program. In which one month course is for light vehicles and 21 hours for downhill driving etc. How did you feel after reading this article of ours, do tell us by commenting. Driving license apply online,Driving license apply online,parivahan.gov.in learning license

Process will be like this

People applying for their DL will have to enroll themselves in any of these training centers to be conducted by them. Once the test is cleared, the central government will issue a certificate. After obtaining the certificate, the candidate can apply for the driving license which will be issued on the basis of the test certificate without RTR. parivahan.gov.in learning license,parivahan.gov.in learning license

How do we know about the new principles of driving permit?

Some conditions and rules have been given by the Ministry of Road and Transport regarding the preparatory school, let us know.

It has been pointed out by organizations that for bikes, tricycles, light engine vehicles the reference center should be about 1 block of land, for medium and weight passenger vehicles or designer there should not be less than 2 blocks of land between He can run a driving license training center nearby. 

The coach of the driving training center should not be less than 12th class pass and that mentor should have at least 5 years of driving experience and conform to the traffic rules.

Another rule has also been told by the Ministry of Transport that instructional classes will be run in the preparatory school for driving light engine vehicles. The duration of the showing course will be one month which will last for about 29 hours. The prospectus for these driving communities will be divided into two sections, conceptualized and feasible.

People will be told to have 21 hours to learn about a paved road, country road, thruway, city road, switching, stopping, climbing, downhill driving and 8 hours to prepare for a small part of the road decoration Have to bear instructions, understanding the causes of accident, medical aid and understanding of driving etc. will be understood. After reading this article, do comment us, whatever has been missed, then do tell us by commenting. how to get driving license

Get driving license through these procedures

Under the new rule, to get a driving license without test, you will have to take training from a recognized driving test center. These centers have a validity of 5 years after which they have to be renewed. After completion of training in these centres, they will have to pass the examination conducted by them. After this, a certificate is issued by the center. On the basis of this certificate, the driving license is issued by the RTO. how to get driving license

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FAQ’S Driving Licence Online 2022

 How to check license by mobile number?

First of all go to the official website and select “Search Related Application” in “License-Menu”. After opening the new webpage, fill all the given details like DL number and date of birth. Then click on the submit button, in this way you will be able to check your driving license with the help of DL.

How to make driving license from mobile?

Applicants first visit the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Employment. Now the home page will open on the screen of the website, here at the bottom of the home page you will have to select your state.


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